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At Dee Ann Design, we welcome you and your project with an open mind, and an open heart.  We believe that it is the start of a joyful journey! We truly listen to your practical priorities as well as your design dreams. 


Our mission is to provide the highest level of professional guidance and expertise to create, implement and complete the space that is perfectly designed for you!


The time that we are living in now has accelerated the need for expanding and redesigning spaces to spending more time in our homes, as well as relocating and new construction. 

Dee Ann Design brings a calm and organized approach to all our design projects, working with artisans and trade professionals of the highest quality. 

We are creating clean, comfortable spaces that feel like retreats for special clients throughout the United States and beyond thanks to virtual design! 

Incorporating spiritual style and fengshui principles, we are able to create environments that the enhance the flow of joy, health and positive energy, so essential at this time. 

Dee Ann Design also collaborates with green design industry partners to create beautiful, sustainably sourced and deliciously comfortable environments and furnishings. 

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